The History of First AME Church of Wyandanch
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First  AME Church of Wyandanch was originally established in 1995 under the pastorate of Rev. Linda Smith who was appointed by Bishop Phillip R. Cousin at the recommendation of Presiding Elder Vernon I. Lowe. The first services were held in a member's home. Later, worship services were held at Haskills Funeral Home on Straight Path in Wyandanch. After some time, the church moved to a store front and remained there until 1997. During this time there were approximately twenty members.
After a period of transition, in April 2006, Rev. Constance Carter-England was appointed by Bishop Richard F. Norris to pastor the church at the recommendation of Presiding Elder Henrietta Scott-Fullard. Under the guidance of Elder Fullard, Rev. England has led the church from its three remaining members (Samuel and Edna Newton and Frances Franklin) to 79 active members. Through the graciousness of Babylon Town Supervisor Steve Bellone, church services are presently being held at the Wyandanch Senior Nutrition Center, 28 Wyandanch Ave., Wyandanch, NY.
Seven years later Rev. Connie as many call her is still going strong by guiding her flock with love and mission work throughout the community of Wyandanch. Many members volunteer for (FLC) Family Life Center which is another vision that Rev, Connie has put in to existance. At the FLC everyone is able to take advantage of the many programs that it offers. They have Homework help, counseling for parents and children,New Beginnings Baby College, karate, soccer,football,baseball,cheerleading,zumba,summer STEM program, music, arts & crafts, and much more. Rev. Connie being a GOD FEARING Pastor as well as holding her masters in Social Works just brings the spirit of love. And we all know God is Love. So as we continue our kingdom building and saving souls one day at a time remember to stop by, sow a seed, sing a song, and Always pray!